Taiwan Travel Vlog Part 4: Shifen Sky Lanterns


Guaranteed to make your trip to Taiwan extra worthwhile.

At least for me… Coz I am more a hands-on type of guy.

It’s DIY activities instead of just shopping and sight seeing.

I’ve seen this on TV, but now I am doing it here in Shifen.

The attraction, in the northern part of Taiwan, is on a railway.

That’s the fun part. We have to scramble when a train passes.

Watch how the crowd react and run away from the track.

By the way, we have to go on the tracks to release our lanterns.

Be sure to note the vlog side tips if you haven’t been there.

Do you prefer sightseeing, shopping, or activities when traveling?

Taiwan Travel Vlog Part 3: XiMenDing Street Foods


5 street foods you must try in XiMenDing at night.

On a cold wet night, the buzzling night life continues.

With giant flashing billboards, it’s like NY times square to me.

We are here to taste some classic Taiwanese snacks.

So this is a vlog of me just sharing my eats.

My favorite among all is the Stinky Tofu.

What’s your favorite Taiwan Street food?

Start Travel Vlogging with Just Your Android Smartphone

Android Travel Vlogging
Stop searching for the best travel camera! It is already in your pocket!

I just completed an experiment that my counterparts think is insane.

I ditched my DSLR/mirrorless, compact camera and even my iPhone.

I vlogged my entire trip in Taiwan with nothing but an Android phone.

No external mic, no external light and no stabilizer, just the phone.

The only accessories I have is a mini tripod and a clip-on wide lens.

There is also a selected video camera app and a video editing app.

The experiment went well (not perfect though) with my S$300 phone.

Watch The Travel Vlog

You can watch my Taiwan travel vlog series on YouTube here…

Would you like to remember your travels and tell your friends?

Would you like to save time in editing and sorting out clips?

Now, I want to share what I discovered in a short course.


In this course, I will go over the essential 4 P’s in travel vlogging.

  • Pre-production – planning
  • Production – shooting
  • Post-production – editing
  • Promotion – sharing

Everything is done entirely on your Android mobile device.


You will learn

  • How to use the selected camera app
  • How to angle your shots to tell a story
  • How to plan your story sequence
  • How to record your voice clearly
  • How to take perfect photos too
  • How to use the selected video editing app
  • How to download free music for your video
  • How to edit to tell an engaging story
  • How to upload to YouTube in the best quality
  • How to share on Facebook in the best quality

I will also cover..

  • The mistakes that I made that you shouldn’t.
  • Backing up your clips safely in various places.
  • When to put away your camera and just enjoy

…and much more. Feel free to ask me questions too.

The whole idea is document and enjoy your trip at the same time..

The techniques can apply to mini documentaries at home too.


You will be added to a secret group where you will have access to materials, to ask me questions and to network with your course mates.

Title: Start Travel Vlogging with Just Your Android Smartphone

Date & Time: 23 Jan 2018  (Tue) 10am to 12pm

Venue:  Live online in the Secret Facebook Group

Investment: only  $27


Rock balancing in the cool weather of Singapore. #rockbalancing #stonebalancing #Singapore #adrianvideoimage

Taiwan Travel Vlog Part 2: Rainbow Village


This just might be the most colorful attraction in Taiwan.

The houses were originally built for the retired Kuomintang soldiers.

The temporary construction was destined to be torn down later.

A resident soldier decided to save the village from demolition.

He painted the walls and floors with cartoon characters and quotes.

Today, Mr Huang still lives there and interacts with visitors.

Watch the video to see my vlog on Rainbow Village.

The Taiwan travel Vlog continues…

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